Stagiu EVS in Macedonia “Streets Up for Citizenship and Inclusion” – DDL 05.02.2014

Short-term EVS – in Macedonia – 2 months – with the possibility to participate in other EVS Projects
“Streets Up for Citizenship and Inclusion”
01.04.2014 – 01.06.2013


About STREETS Festival
STREETS festival is an association of young people-volunteers that organizes a
summer festival with an aim to make connection among different cultures on
non-formal way, by promoting cultural exchange, non-discrimination and peace.
Using the music and animation as tool STREETS aims to connect young people
from different ethnicities in Kumanovo and Macedonia. STREETS also aims to
develop volunteer outdoor activities for social change.
About the Short Term EVS

The project ‘Streets Up for Citizenship and Inclusion’ is a short term EVS
project that links social inclusion and active citizenship of marginalized youth
particularly of Roma youth, juvenile delinquents and ex-offenders. It aims to
motivate young people to be active contributors to community development by
encouraging them to take initiative and be active citizens. It will open the space
to explore and exchange practices in the field of youth work development and
support processes of inclusion of youngsters from marginalized communities.
The project is build around the organization’s annual event Streets Youth
Inclusion Festival, held in May 2014, where volunteers will implement their
service prior and during the final event. The EVS volunteers will be engaged in
Art and Culture and Youth Information activities throughout their service they
will develop sense for initiative, communication skills and entrepreneurial
The short term EVS project will offer vacancy for: 12 volunteers coming from
6 different countries (Italy, Poland, Turkey, Romania, France, Portugal –
two volunteers from each country) for 2 month (April-May 2014) in
Kumanovo the largest interethnic and inter-religious town In Macedonia.

The volunteers will have the chance to work on their personal and professional
improvement, developing their communication, entrepreneurship and initiative
Service Description
The volunteers will be working with local youth workers and youth leaders to
implement different types of actions and initiatives in the local community in
the field of Art and Culture and Youth Information. This short term service is
centralizes around the spring outdoor manifestation, Streets Youth Inclusion
Fest. This is a 3 day event, aiming to raise awareness on inclusion of
marginalized groups in the local community, and most of all inclusion of young
people in general. Therefore the service will be focused on organizing

workshops in the Roma community and contributing to improvement of their

situation in the society.
Orientation Training and Preparation: This will be an introduction to the
local community, culture and environment, focused on getting to know local
reality and inhabitants’ relation. In addition to that the EVS volunteers will be
invited to participate on workshops that focus on working with marginalized
youth, so as to prepare and learn how to approach and work with the target
Preparatory Workshops: This part will include meeting with the Streets
staff and youth workers to plan the activities that volunteers will deliver within
the local community. The EVS volunteers will conduct joint workshops with the
local youth workers, in the form of open workshops in the local youth coming
from marginalized groups, or in public outdoor areas (such as public photo
exhibition, cultural presentations etc.)
Festival Activities:

This will be activities volunteers will do for the final
event the Streets Youth Inclusion Fest. In this part volunteers will organize
small open activities for 2-3 hours during the 3 days of festival. They will
deliver the activities with local youth workers and volunteers. The activities will
include street animation techniques, acting, photography etc.
Evaluation and Learning: Evaluation of the workshops and discussion of the
learning aspects of EVS volunteers and what they can apply once they go back in
their local communites.
Profile of Participants
The project will specifically motivate youth with fewer opportunities (Roma,
youth delinquents, youth ex-prisoners) to engage themselves in learning and
increase their spirit for initiative and participation, thus foster the volunteers
for a local follow-up in their countries which will ensure the sustainable effect
of the project. All of the partner promoters will work towards the aim to
include young people with fewer opportunities on short term EVS projects in
order to support their learning and develop competences that will improve their
position in the society. Both the hosting and the sending organizations would
like to offer possibilities of all interested volunteers that fulfill the Youth in
Action criteria (age, legal residence) regardless of the age, religion, cultural,
sexual and other background.
Priority should be given to:
• Youth with educational and socio-economic difficulties (people with
insufficient education, family problems, young people with limited social skills
and economic difficulties), thus involving ex – offenders, youngsters coming

from orphanages etc. Further to this a special priority will be given to young
people who have never been employed before in order to improve their
competences to access the job market.
• Young people facing cultural differences. In regards to this the
project will include youngsters from Roma communities, both in the sending
organization and in the hosting community.
– Be aged between 18 and 30
– Competently able to work in English language
– Be able and committed to act as multipliers in their community
after the end of the service
– Be resident in one of the following countries: Portugal, Poland,
France, Romania, Italy and Turkey
– Full presence on the EVS Service
Arrival date: 01st of April 2014
Departure date: 01st of June 2014


Travel cost and reimbursement
90% of travel costs will be reimbursed only for the cheapest way of
transport. Only participants who fully attend the training course will be
reimbursed. Reimbursement of 70% of the travel cost will be done via bank
transfer to bank accounts of their sending organizations, after sending the
original tickets back to organizer upon returning to home country (all
original tickets including boarding passes in case of air tickets will be
Additional information about reimbursement procedures will be provided to the
selected applicants. The participants should use the cheapest way of transport
(Bus, Train, plane-economic class). Please note that there are cheaper flights to
Sofia-Bulgaria, Belgrade- Serbia, from where you can get a bus/train to

The total travel cost should not exceed amount per person mentioned in
the table below:
Country Means of transport Max. Amount
Italy Plane, bus 300euros
Poland Plane, bus 300euros
Turkey Plane, bus 250euros
Romania Plane, bus 270euros
France Plane, bus 350euros
Portugal Plane, bus 350euros
How to apply?
In order to apply interested volunteers should send CV and Motivation Letter.
Once you have the pre-selection please mail it to Streets by the 5th of
Participants will be selected on the basis of their applications and ensuring a
balance in terms of gender, organizational participation and cultural background.
The selection of the participants will be done by the sending organization and
the organizing team.


For any question or clarification do not hesitate to contact hosting organization:
STREETS Festival
++ 389 78 350 598
Contact Person
Viktorija Manevska

For applying - send your CV and Motivation Letter to both emails: and

Deadline for sending your application – no later than 4 february 2014.



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